Stainless steel jewelry of the highest quality, water-resistant. Stones selected from the best French importers.

Gold bola with pink cord


Pregnancy bola with beautiful tinkling, in stainless steel.
On pink cord.

The bola is a piece of jewelry for pregnant women,
from Indonesia and Mexico.
It is traditionally considered
as a lucky charm and protector.
In Mexico, it is the “angel’s bell”.

The bola makes a lovely tinkling sound
when in motion.
The sound is delicate and pleasant,
the sound of little bells.
It is soothing and reassuring for the baby.

The Bola can be worn every day
throughout pregnancy.
And can then continue to soothe baby
by hanging it over his crib.

You can also roll it
gently on your belly,
for a tender moment of relaxation
and connection with your baby.

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